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Water4gas – Why Copyrighting Your Business Name Is A Bad Idea

Water4gas is a popular HHO gas car modification system, which has been sold on the ClickBank affiliate network for a little over 8 months. Recently the owner’s decided to register their business name and keyword phrases as copyrighted material on Google Pay Per Click advertising medium AdWords. This article will look at the repercussions of preventing affiliates promoting a product on pay per click networks.

As mentioned the case in example is Water4gas- just this past week the owner’s registered their business name and relevant keyword phrases as copyrighted material. The owner of any affiliate business can register their business name as a copyright, however one would want to be seriously confident before doing so.

Its no secret that affiliate marketing is probably the easiest and fastest way to sell any product online. Essentially you get interested affiliates to promote your product- if they get a sale- you pay them a commission. There is no situation where the owner of the product can lose money through affiliate sales.

Google AdWords is the largest PPC network currently operating. Many businesses entertain the concept of copyrighting their product or business name however they need to be sure that the sales they are generating through their own direct purposes are going to keep the business afloat.

Furthermore, as in the case of Water4gas, if you register a product which is being promoted via affiliates for copyrighting, you want to be prepared to lose a fair amount of your affiliates. Obviously if you take away the main avenue for affiliate marketer’s to generate sales, some will find an alternative way to promote, some will simply give up.


In business it is not uncommon for a product to be registered as either a trademark or copyright. In the world of affiliate marketing, it is a different story. If you are relying on affiliates to promote your product, you cannot afford to cut off any avenue for them to do so.