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A Look At The K-1 Visa

Those who have foreign loved ones often wish to make use of the K-1 Visa travel document. This certificate will allow a US Citizen to bring their foreign lover back to the states with them. In most cases, the American will marry their lover in the foreign country and then make their appeal for the visa. It is a much simpler process this way. However, in some cases it is impossible or illegal for them to marry in that country, so they have to obtain the K-1 as fiancees. Under these circumstances, a K-1 is highly useful.

The process of obtaining the K-1 visa has remained widely unchanged for a number of years. An American will have to file a I-129F form for the visa with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The specifics and instructions are available on this organizations website, which are quite helpful for guiding individuals through this slightly complicated process. Those who have the money at their expenditure may actually consider hiring an attorney to handle the paperwork and documents for the visa.

After this paperwork is filed, it is usually sent to the National Visa Center. After a short period of time, the person who filed the Visa will usually be contacted to inform them that the petition was received, and to make arrangements for a medical examination with a panel physician, and also schedule an appointment for the interview that will be conducted by the U. S. Embassy.

This interview is usually fairly lengthy and requires the interviewed individual to provide proof that their relationship is 100% real. They will review documents provided by both fiancees, and compare the information received from each to make sure that it is a match. Also, they will ask for other personal documents and proof, from pictures and handwritten letters to evidence of phone contact.

While the process is a little intimidating, in 90% of cases, the visa is approved. Keep in mind that there is a fee charged for the visa interview, and this can vary, depending upon your visa.

If approved, the visa is printed on a self adhesive label, which is to be affixed to the foreign fiancees passport. This visa is only good for one entry to the United States within six months of its approval. Couples should know that it sometimes takes months to obtain approval for this type of visa, so they should be prepared and plan ahead.

There are a number of other similar visas for those U. S. Citizens who have married a foreigner. The K-3 visa is required to bring your spouse to the United States. This is also sometimes called the Spousal Visa. The child of a citizens fiancee can enter the United States with a K-2 visa, provided that they are under the age of twenty-one, are not married, and that their parents have already obtained the K-1.

It is always a good idea to visit the USCIS or state department website prior to beginning the process so that you are sure what all it entails. The laws surrounding visas are quite stiff, and these can also change from year to year.