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How Car Conditions Can Cause Accidents

While the human factor is the most commonly cited reason why traffic accidents happen, there are also other causes. It is true that traffic accidents are mostly caused by humans making errors or when the driver is under the influence of some substance, but some other factors should be considered as well. The condition of the vehicle for one can play a major role.

In order to shed some light on this matter, here are some of the more common vehicle conditions that can cause traffic mishaps:

Defective Brakes– If a driver has any nightmare it has to be being on the road at high speed and suddenly realizing that the brakes on his car aren’t working properly. That’s why brakes should be regularly checked and maintained. Even after the brakes have gone defective however, there are other ways that a driver can slow down his vehicle safely.

Bursting Tires– This is another real danger when one is traveling on the road. When going at high speed and the tires burst, the driver can lose control of the vehicle. It is therefore very important that tires should have the right amount of pressure and that they are still in the right condition before they are used.

Detaching Tires– When the tires of the vehicle are not properly installed, they could become detached from the vehicle when it is going at high speed. The wheels can hit people and cause injuries and even death and could surely cause plenty of damage. It is therefore important that when wheels are installed on a vehicle, one should see to it that they are properly attached.

These are just some of the vehicle conditions that are direct causes of accidents.

Major Cause– While we have pointed how the condition of the vehicle can cause traffic accidents, we have to go back to the fact that it is not the vehicle but people who are major reasons why mishaps occur. When you think of it the condition of the vehicle is also the responsibility of the driver or whoever is the one doing the maintenance.

Being Responsible– It all boils down to the fact that a person would have to know about these responsibilities as a driver and an owner of a vehicle. He owes it to himself and the other drivers on the road to know all about those responsibilities.

Here are some of the major responsibilities that a driver should keep in mind:

· He should maintain his vehicle in the proper running condition.

· He should see to it that all repairs that are needed for it should be done and that all the parts should be replaced should be taken care of.

· He should be aware of the capabilities and limitations of the vehicle.

· He should be sober whenever he is on the road.

· He should stop whenever there is something else that he needs to do when driving.

If a vehicle owner and driver can follow all of these, he could eliminate most of the causes of traffic accidents.