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Traffic Violations Tips and Tricks: Avoid a Speeding Ticket

Aside from money, it will cost you time and effort because of court appearance if it ended up to that situation. It would also be a stain in your driving record. There are many more hassles that may not be mentioned here. The point is, you won’t want that ticket.

So, you know that a traffic ticket is always unfavorable. What can you do to avoid getting one? Short answer to that is, obey traffic laws. Do not commit traffic violations. Don’t go over the speed limit. Traffic laws are there for travel safety, anyway.

“What about those cops who are trying to trap motorists? Even if I follow laws, they might still get me”, some may ask. Well, let’s say that line of thinking has a sound basis for thinking that and not just paranoia. Also, some speed limits are just too low that they can arguably be exaggerated. Here are some tips and tricks for you so that you can avoid getting a speeding ticket or mitigating the effects thereof.

Don’t attract attention. In a road with many vehicles, the cops will not check every car. So, it’s wise not to get their attention. Even if every car on the road is technically speeding, they’ll only pull over and hand tickets to a few. Avoid flashy modifications to your car as much as possible. When driving, keep in the middle of the traffic flow. Drive within 5-10 mph of the surrounding traffic. Don’t overtake too much. Be courteous to other drivers. Use the fast lane sparingly.

Definitely, don’t go over the speed limit when you’re the only car alone on the road. Cops got no one else to point their radar except you. Disregarding this advice would be like approaching a cop asking him to give you a ticket. Speeding alone is especially dangerous in small towns where cops are more aggressive in the enforcement of penalties for traffic violations.

Another time that you won’t want to be speeding is at night. During this time, drunk-driving patrols are extremely active. Cops are more likely to pull you over for even the slightest offense to check if you’re driving under the influence of alcohol.

You might also want to buy a radar detector. Just be sure that they are legal in your state. The good ones might be expensive, averaging at $300. However, this would be a good investment since the price of one is still lower compared to a speeding ticket and the insurance cost that it will cost you.

Always remember to drive safely!