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Felony and DUI

There are a lot of charges that could be charged to a person who committed a DUI violation. In fact, you may face penalties that could terminate your license for a year with a fine and a few months in jail. But there are also instances where the penalty is grave.

One instance that you can face a worst DUI punishment is when your blood alcohol content would exceed 0.08% and you are caught in an accident that placed people in jeopardy – felony. Note that a felony charge is serious and often times States consider this as worst DUI violation. Also, you cannot go about it when you do not have a lawyer regardless if it’s for DUI charges or not. But first, it is important for us to understand what DUI really means.

What is a DUI?

DUI simply means Driving Under the Influence. In other words, you drove your car while under the influence of alcohol. This type of violation is very common among people in various states. In fact, in some states DUI is a leading cause of injury and death among drivers and pedestrians.

What is a BAC limit?

The BAC limit across all states is 0.8%. If you are caught of DUI and you’ve exceeded the BAC level then you will be arrested. Note that it is not easy to defend yourself against this. A breathalyzer might fail but most of the time a positive read leads to charges. If your blood will be tested in the later stages, then it would be more precise.

Can DUI lead to felony?

If you endanger people or have been caught in an accident because you are under the influence of alcohol, then most of the time you’ll be facing a felony charge. A felony is considered to be a grave DUI charge in most states. The reason behind this is that DUI is a common violation.

Remember that when you are facing felony you will be having a much longer suspension, additional time in jail, and a higher fine. When facing this charge, you will need a solid defense in order to prevent it from ruining your life as much as possible.

How could one defend felony?

One way to defend from felony or any aggravated DMV DUI charges is by hiring an experienced lawyer who has a good record in handling DUI cases. Although it’s not easy to overcome aggravated DUI charges, with a DUI lawyer, the penalties could be lessened. Note that a good lawyer might find holes in the case that could ease the gravity of the charge.